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We are family-owned and operated. We have been in the catering and banquet business since 2000. We cater all occasions from luncheons to weddings; customized to meet your budget needs. We are Busy Catering to You with our outstanding experience through the quality of our menu, professional service and attention to every detail. 


​Mary Lynn Morton married to Chaz with 2 kids. Mary Lynn is the youngest sister of Karin Comeaux & Howard Benito.  She speaks fluent Tagalog (Filipino Language) & Hokkien (Chinese Language). She uses her creativity working with customers, planning weddings, and other special events. Mary Lynn also takes care of our decor and equipment.  She has been in the catering and banquet business since 2006. She has served from concerts, VIP's, small events to large events catering to over 18,000 people.  


Howard Benito married to Shannon with 5 kids. Howard speaks fluent Tagalog (Filipino Language) & Hokkien (Chinese Language). Howard was a chef cooking from independent restaurants to fine dining at the Top Of The World, Stratosphere. Howard was a banquet manager at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas for over 5 years. He has been in the food and beverage industry since he was 15 years old.  His experience and talents brings value and binds our company all together, Catering concerts, night club events, VIP's, small events to large events serving over 18,000 people.


​Roy & Karin Comeaux have 3 kids.  Roy is the BBQ Grill Master, cooks from Southern Style to Asian. He adds his secret spice blend that will knock your socks off. He also takes care of all our staffing needs. He has been in the catering and banquet business since 2008. Roy is also a youth pastor at MVBC. Handling all of the men's & youth events, from creating menus to budgets, prepping food, cooking, and serving.  Roy's wife, Karin has been in the catering and banquet business since 2003. Karin takes care of the daily operations and marketing.  Both Roy and Karin have served from concerts, VIP's, church events to large events catering over 18,000 people.

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